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Financial Freedom – Getting There And Staying There

“Financial Freedom” the word means various things to various people. Some conjure up images of piles and piles of cash over which they rest blissfully while others daydream of the contented retired life, living in the countryside, fishing and enjoying nature with no worries whatsoever. When I think of financial freedom, I think of having

Financial Freedom- Is It The Same As Wealth?

I have come across many who often confuse wealth with financial freedom. To better illustrate this point, let me take the example of two men- Jack and John. Jack earns a six-figure salary and he lives in complete luxury. He has the best of clothes and cars and has all the comforts that money can

Financial Freedom – Not An Impossible Fantasy

All of us dream of financial freedom, however many of us think of it only as some kind of a fantasy. We just think about it from time to time, sigh and forget it. This is because we believe that obtaining true freedom financially is an impossible dream. We just think that such a state